Ancient History

This district is extreme South west part of ancient Magadh .All the books relating “Treta Yug and Dwapar Yug” relate to Lord Sri Ram and Lord Sri Krishna respectively find their own description . The Hindus all over the world come here to pay Pind(Pious Offer)to their ancestors .During the course of “Pind-Dan” first Pind is given on the bank of river Pun-Pun .River Punpun has been called in the Puran as Ardhgang ( Half of river Ganga ) .So it is very much difficult to write an exhaustive history of this region. Each particle of this region has got its own history. Mere glimpse of the same is being given here.

Modern History

The history of Aurngabad is a part of history of the ancient Magadh which included the undivided district of Patna and Gaya .Three-forth of India's early history is the history of Magadh and the area which forms the present district of Aurangabad was a proud sharer of this glory .Although it was a part of the Mahajanpad of Magadh,yet it had its distinct racial and cultural character.Froming part of the first vast the territorial empire of Magadh , perhaps the distinction of being ruled by Bimbisara and Ajatsatru and later on by Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka .The river Sone has been accepted by the authorities as having been western boundary of the Magadh empire.

Judicial History

At the District headquarter of Aurangabad, Kazi Mohalla and Diwan Mohalla are situated, where Kabra of Kazi Aliman Diwan and Kazi Sharulla find place. Both of them were authorized Kazi of Auranjeb's regime. In those days, responsibilities of settling disputes were given to Kazi as per Muslim customs.
As per an article written by a Judicial officer in year 1973 the court of Munsif has been here since 1846 .There was also a bench of Honorary Magistrates at Daudnagar .So the history of Judiciary Aurangabad is much old .When Aurangabad was made sub-Division in year 1865, the munsif was vested with some more power .