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Regarding Promotion of schemes related to District Planning Office, Aurangabad.

District Planning Office, Aurangabad.

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Regarding uploading information related to SIA.

District Land Acquisition Office, Aurangabad.

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Notice regarding promotion of schemes related to District Employment Office Aurangabad

District Employment office, Aurangabad.

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Name and Designation of the Members of the Internal Complaints Committee.

District Education Office, Aurangabad

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Name, Designation and Mobile Number of the Members of the Internal Complaints Committee.

Office of the Superintendent of Police, Aurangabad.

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Protection of women from Sexual Harassment at workplace

District General Section, Aurangabad

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Important Information About Approach Road Construction Project of RCC Bridge Over Sone River Between Daudnagar-Nasriganj (Phase-2).

District Collectroate, Aurangabad

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Draft MVR

District Registry Office, Aurangabad

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